Justin Bieber’s 2020: New Album, Tour And His Music Career Continues.

Justin Bieber To Drop A New Single On The Third Of January 2020 Titled "YUMMY"


Justin Bieber finally announced he’s returning to the music industry in 2020, confirming the news with a YouTube video to list exactly what he’s got planned for the New Year.

The pop star recently "tied the knot",  Hailey Baldwin in September, announced he’s releasing his first album in five years in a video showing him walking around a desert while explaining in a voiceover he believes he’s “right where I’m supposed to be”.

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Here’s everything we know about the ‘Baby’ hitmaker’s long-awaited return to music...

Justin chose Christmas Eve to unveil his 2020 plans, revealing a brand new album will be coming in the New Year.

While he didn’t specify a date for his new album, he has been sharing the hashtag #Bieber2020, which could be the name for the next LP.

In the announcement video he explained: “I feel like this is different from previous albums just because of where I am in my life. I’m excited to perform on the tour.

“We all have different stories, I’m just excited to share mine. It’s the music that I’ve loved the most out of anything I’ve done.”

New single, 'Yummy'
The brand new album’s first single, titled ‘Yummy’, will drop on 3 January.

Bieber shared a snippet of the tune in the YouTube video, where he can be heard singing:

Yeah, you got that yummy-yum

That yummy-yum, that yummy-yummy

Say the word, on my way

Yeah, babe, yeah, babe, yeah, babe, yeah, babe

In the mornin' or the late

Say the word, on my way


Justin will head on a tour of the US between July and September 2020, however, he didn’t announce any UK dates.

Beginning on 14 May in Seattle, Justin will complete a string of dates up until 26 September in New Jersey.

There’s little we know about Bieber’s docu-series, but he’ll drop more information about the creation on 31 December.

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